Maintain your engagement and wedding ring

It probably took a lot of time and effort to find the perfect engagement ring and wedding band for your beloved.

Perhaps you knew exactly what you were looking for because you knew exactly what your spouse desired. You did a ton of research, including a deep dive into vintage and estate jewelry, and sought the opinions of people you trust — including the designers at Erik Runyan Jewelers.

Maybe you even enlisted Erik himself to design a custom jewelry piece for you.

Regardless of the method you used; no matter how many hoops you jumped through; and despite the lengths you went to find that perfect engagement ring … you did it! Congratulations!

Now comes the fun part — “the rest of your life” fun part. And that means maintaining your wedding engagement ring so that it lasts — not just a lifetime … but beyond.

Your love lasts forever. Your ring should, too.

Maintaining a wedding engagement ring — or any piece of fine jewelry, for that matter — involves taking regular small steps that add up to a lot.

As the oldest, family-owned jewelry retailer in the Vancouver area — now entering its fifth generation in business — Erik Runyan Jewelers is here to help keep your ring in tip-top shape. That means your ring will sparkle, dazzle and delight just as much as it did the very first time you placed it on your partner’s finger.

Here’s how.

Maintaining a wedding engagement ring

The staff at Erik Runyan Jewelers can advise you as to the best methods of maintenance for your precious engagement ring or wedding band (not to mention every other type of jewelry), so please consult with our associates to determine what’s best for you and your particular piece.

Still, there are general practices which everyone can utilize to maintain their engagement rings and wedding bands. Here are just a few.

1. Get regular cleanings

As you wear your ring, it accumulates oils from your skin and dirt from your surroundings. Over time, these accumulations will dull your ring’s sparkle. But don’t worry — the sparkle is still there; it just takes regular cleanings to bring it back. You can do it at home, if you choose: Simply wash in a mix of warm water and mild dishwashing soap. This is especially effective for wedding bands. For diamond engagement rings, there are lots of jewelry cleaners you can buy — but perhaps you’d prefer to bring it in to Erik Runyan Jewelers and have our techs spiff it up for you. It only takes a few seconds, and you’ll be amazed at how much difference it can make. We’ll put the bling back in your ring in no time!

This leads us directly to our second recommendation.

2. Visit Erik Runyan Jewelers

Come in to ERJ once or twice a year so that we can take a good, close look at your ring to see if there are any problems with your ring’s integrity. Specifically, we can look at your ring’s settings, including the prongs and the jewels, to make sure there in perfect shape. And, of course, we can polish it up. Some experts recommend seeing your jeweler as often as you see your dentist. We suggest you do it more often than that (about every 4-6 months). Getting regular service and/or inspections for your ring will ensure it lasts forever.

3. Consider ring insurance

Most insurers offer so-called “personal articles” insurance for rings, or they may offer protection as part of a comprehensive homeowners or renters policy. You’ve invested a lot of time and money — not to mention sentiment — into your ring. So get some peace of mind by purchasing insurance for your engagement ring in case anything should ever happen to it. It’s also a good idea to have your ring appraised every five years to make sure your insurance policy is adequate.

Remember: When it comes to maintaining your fine jewelry, we are your best resource.

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