Laser Welding Jewelry Repair in Vancouver WA

Erik Runyan Jewelers is one of the few jewelers in the country who uses state-of-the-art technology to repair fine jewelry. Laser welding is a new technology that is a safe, simple, environmentally benign alternative to conventional solder welding. Using Laser Welding technology, repairing fine jewelry is faster and more efficient. The work is so smooth that even an expert can’t detect the repair work once it is polished. The weld joints created by the laser are stronger than traditional solder welds.

With the laser welder, there is very little heat produced. Because there is little heat, you can work on rings that you could never repair before. Now you can do work right next to stones like opals and emeralds, which are very sensitive to heat and can shatter. In a traditional solder repairs, you had to remove the stones before, because they couldn’t be exposed to the heat of a torch. An added bonus is the laser is environmentally safe and pollution-free.

The laser welder is so versatile and useful for fine repair work Erik Runyan Jewelers can actually weld fine chain, working on individual links. You can even repair metal eyeglass frames without ruining the finish. No more replacing your favorite frames.

If you’ve been told that your cherished jewelry item couldn’t be repaired by another shop in Portland or Vancouver, bring it into Erik Runyan Jewelers.

Jewelry Repair Is Like A Jewelry Makeover

Everything old can be made new again.

Imagine using your gems from your old, unworn jewelry and creating new, vibrant settings that reflect today’s styles and your taste. Jewelry settings can become outdated, but the gems should be showcased.  Their beauty and value should be enjoyed.  A jewelry makeover can bring back the pleasure of wearing such precious gems, and there is an option for old jewelry settings.

The process is quite simple. You can schedule a design consultation with one of the Erik Runyan Jewelry Design Team specialists.  In the design consultation, you and the jewelry designer will work together to unleash the true beauty of your gems, creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Next, a 3-D wax model replica will be produced which allows you to see and feel exactly what the finished piece will be like.  This step is crucial in detailing the last important design elements.  Once the complete design is agreed upon, it will take approximately three weeks for Erik Runyan’s fabrication team to cast the metal, hand set the stones and completely polish your new creation.

Bring back the pleasure of wearing your gems and unleash their true beauty.