It was my great-grandfather that started everything from a watch bench in the bus depot in the early 1900’s. In 1917, Runyan’s Jewelers was born. Over the years and through the generations, we have stood firm in our commitment to integrity and quality.


My first memories of the “family business” are looking out the windows in our house to see my grandparents (who were our neighbors) impeccably dressed, heading off to work. The jewelry store seemed to be a magical place. I knew that I would be fortunate to be a part of it.

Now it is my turn. Certainly W.L. Runyan could not have imagined his great-grandson introducing the family business to the world over the internet. That is the beauty of succession, a new generation comes along to carry old traditions into a new world.

The opportunity to move back to 5th and Main in Vancouver was unique, and we jumped at the chance once we understood what a great full circle this would be.  We are anxious to show everyone what a modern jewelry store looked like 100 years ago. It’s something of a “Back to the Future” moment.   


Our turn of the Century renovated cases are full of beautiful items that are waiting to sparkle at your command.  If you have the time, have a seat and let us entertain you with selections from our vaults.  Erik Runyan Jewelers at 5th and Main near Portland, OR is a living piece of history and ready to move into its second century of business.  The original cash register and safe look comfortable in a store loaded with digital accouterments and laser welders.  The canoe chandelier and river boat ships wheel add to the nautical feel throughout.  This store is the culmination of 5 generations and 100 years.

Erik Runyan Jewelers has a wide variety of fine jewelry and gifts for all occasions including:

  • Bridal and Engagement

  • Anniversary

  • Men’s Jewelry and Accessories

  • Baby Shower and Infant Gifts