Jewelry Repair and Appraisal Services

On the lookout for jewelry repair or jewelry appraisal services? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Erik Runyan Jewelers’ elegant showroom on Main Street in downtown Vancouver, Washington, features more than just a spectacular array of designer, vintage, and custom jewelry.

As one of the Pacific Northwest's oldest continuously operating jewelry stores, ERJ also has a suite of jewelry repair and jewelry appraisal services to help any and all jewelry seekers find what they’ve been searching for.

Anyone and everyone — from experts and aficionados to those who’ve only dipped a toe or two into the wonderful world of jewelry design — can find what they’ve been searching for at ERJ.


Erik Runyan Jewelers’ friendly and professional staff guides its customers through the buying process with a personalized, no-pressure approach.

Now with a fifth generation of jewelers entering the family business, the Runyans continue to honor the values of honesty, integrity, and customer service that have been a hallmark of the company since W.L. Runyan sold his first watch from a bus depot bench in 1917.

The staff at ERJ bring a deep level of expertise to their craft, perhaps most evident in its jewelry repair and jewelry appraisal process.

When it comes to jewelry services, there is a difference. Erik Runyan Jewelers has set the standard for more than a century.


Erik Runyan Jewelers can expertly and professionally repair, modify, and/or adjust any and all types of jewelry. The breadth and depth of their experience allow ERJ staff to handle everything from relatively simple adjustments, such as ring sizing and ring resizing, all the way up to the tiny, intricate, and beautifully complex movements of high-end luxury watches.

Laser Welding Jewelry Repair In Vancouver, Washington

Erik Runyan Jewelers utilizes state-of-the-art technology to repair fine jewelry.

Laser welding, for example, is a new technology that’s safe, exacting, and good for the environment (compared to the more conventional solder welding). Laser welding jewelry repair technology ensures a faster and more efficient repair process.

In fact, our laser welding jewelry repair work is so precise that experts will have a difficult time detecting just where the jewelry has been repaired. Plus, once its polished and handed back to the customer, laser-welded joints are actually stronger than they would be if the more old-school solder welding had taken place.

What’s more — and here the difference in repair technologies is profound — laser welding produces much less heat than soldering. That means the expert jewelry repair technicians at Erik Runyan Jewelers can repair and work on rings and other pieces of jewelry that they never would have been able to before.

No more worrying about what intense heat will do to those precious opals, emeralds, or other gemstones!

And last but certainly not least, the techs at ERJ wield the laser welder so expertly, they can even repair fine chains — right down to individual links! — and metal eyeglass frames.


As we like to say at Erik Runyan Jewelers …

Jewelry repair is like a jewelry makeover!

Repurposing jewelry is a thoughtful and creative way to keep memories alive, embedded as they are in so many vintage jewelry pieces.

Imagine the possibilities!

If you have vintage jewelry that’s no longer functional, Erik Runyan Jewelers can repurpose those gorgeous gems into new and exciting settings and designs.

Repurposing jewelry gives items a new life. The process includes working one-on-one with a jewelry design specialist at ERJ, who will consult with you on options and on the best way to showcase those vintage gemstones with a new, highly personalized, sparkling masterpiece!

If you’ve ever been told by a jeweler that your cherished jewelry item couldn’t be repaired, bring the items to Erik Runyan Jewelers in Vancouver, Washington, and watch the staff prove those other jewelers wrong.

Contact Erik Runyan Jewelers today to discover how they can repair or repurpose your precious jewelry, return its original luster, and make it stronger than it ever was before.


Erik Runyan Jewelers is one of the few shops in the region that employs its own expert jewelry appraiser. Appraisal services include (but are not limited to) vintage engagement rings, watches, diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals.

ERJ’s jewelry appraisal services will examine your items and provide you with professional documentation when the appraisal is complete.

Services include:

  • Vintage jewelry appraisal

  • Estate jewelry appraisal

  • Antique jewelry appraisal

  • Vintage watch appraisal

  • Determining signatures, trademarks, companies, and designers

  • Assessing vintage jewelry eras (Victorian, art nouveau, art deco, etc.)

Jewelry Appraisal in Vancouver, Washington

If you have “personal item” or “personal article” coverage on your insurance, there’s a good chance that jewelry is on the list of covered items. Homeowners or renters insurance, however, may not always cover the full value of your jewelry in the event of loss or damage.

That’s where the jewelry appraisal services at Erik Runyan Jewelers comes in.

And that’s why it’s wise to secure a professional appraisal for your jewelry.

Janean Reynolds is the resident expert jewelry appraiser at Erik Runyan Jewelers. Reynolds has more than two decades of jewelry industry experience, holds a diamond grading certificate, and has studied with the Gemological Institute of America.

The appraisal process couldn’t be easier. Just contact Erik Runyan Jewelers to set up an appointment. Then come in, grab a drink, and relax while your items are appraised. Feel free to ask questions, too!

You can also make an appointment to drop off your jewelry, and we’ll be more than happy to appraise it and schedule a time for you to pick it up. Our appraisal services also include an examination (to determine if the item is in need of repair) and a thorough polish to keep the item looking new.

If you’re looking for jewelry appraisal or jewelry repair services near Portland, Oregon, or Vancouver, Washington, please Contact Erik Runyan Jewelers.

We’re the best in the business at what we do.

Five generations and counting!