For Vancouver and Portland jewelry repairs, there’s no better place to visit than Erik Runyan Jewelers. A mainstay of Portland and Vancouver jewelry culture, ERJ has been in the business of making jewelry dreams come true for more than 100 years.

If you think you have a piece of jewelry that’s beyond repair, the expert staff at ERJ would like to change your mind about that. Utilizing the latest in jewelry repair technology, including a state-of-the-art laser welding system that can return jewelry to a pristine and like-new condition, there’s almost no limit to what can be done.

Step inside Erik Runyan Jewelers’ downtown Vancouver showroom and prepare to be amazed.

Jewelry Repairs for Vancouver and Portland

About Laser Welding and Jewelry Repair in Vancouver, WA

Laser welding isn’t magic — it just seems like it is. Safe to use on even the most delicate and precious pieces of jewelry, this precise, environmentally sound, and pollution-free process provides a new alternative to conventional solder welding.

At ERJ, our jewelry repair techs wield laser technology with astonishing success and speed, making the repair of jewelry faster and more efficient than ever before. It really is a sight to see!

The laser welder produces little heat, meaning that repair work can be done on precious metals and stones, such as opals and emeralds, which are ultra sensitive to heat and can crack or even shatter if exposed to high temperatures. But rest assured, your valuable and valued jewelry is in good hands at ERJ.

What’s more, the weld joints created by the laser are stronger than traditional solder welds. Plus, when the jewelry repair work is done, even the experienced professionals at ERJ have a hard time pinpointing exactly what was repaired and where. Finally, once the repaired piece is polished to a pristine shine, it takes on a whole new life — just like new — of its own.

Laser welding is also a supremely versatile tool. The jewelry repair team can even weld fine chain, working on the individual links, if necessary, with the laser. They can also repair metal eyeglass frames without ruining the finish.

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Erik Runyan Jewelers

If you’ve been told that your cherished jewelry item couldn’t be repaired, bring it into Erik Runyan Jewelers. As we like to say, everything old can be made new again. For ERJ, jewelry repair is more like a jewelry makeover!

Imagine the options that this opens up for you: We can reuse gems from old, unworn jewelry and create vibrant new settings that will reflect today’s styles and your taste. Over time, some jewelry settings fall out of favor, but gems are eternal. Let’s showcase them!

The jewelry repair process couldn’t be simpler. At ERJ, we focus on customer service, so the repair consultation will provide you with all the information you need to know about how we’ll go about repairing your piece to your specifications.

Don’t wait another day! Bring back the pleasure of wearing your gems and unleash their true beauty.

Contact Erik Runyan Jewelers, and let’s see how we can bring your jewelry back to life.