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Getting engaged is one of the great moments of our lives.  We love having the opportunity to play a small part in your big day.  This is your opportunity to share your one of a kind moment with others.  Email us your proposal stories and we would love to post them. Congratulations on your engagement!  We wish you a long and happy life together.

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The Hartley's have been family friends for a couple of years now. Mark proposed to Nicole in May of 2016. Listen up to his planning because it is pretty special. He had a group of Nicole's closet friends get together and pretend like they were going out to do a fun photo shoot with a photographer. They drove out to a beautiful spot overlooking the water where the girls began taking pictures together. All of a sudden Nicole turns around and to her surprise sees Mark walking towards them ready to get down on one knee and ask her to marry him.

Nicole and Mark got married almost a year later on April 2, 2017 at Langdon Farms in Oregon. We are so excited for the both of you to start a new journey together. Thank you for allowing Erik Runyan Jewelers to help with your love story.

Click on the link below to see more pictures from Mark and Nicole's Wedding Day!


November 26, 2016 marks a special day for our friends Cambria and Mack. If you love creative proposals, this one is the story for you. Earlier that week, Mack had been telling Cambria that one of his friends had a plane that he wanted to fly them around in over Vancouver. Cambria agreed to go up in the air and see Vancouver from a different view. Early in the morning on the 26th, Mack got a call from the pilot saying the weather had cleared and they were ready to go up in the plane. Quickly Mack got dressed and went to pick up Cam to go on their adventure. The story goes that they were going to fly over their church's new campus. As they were flying over, Cambria looks down and sees a big tarp with the words spelled out 'Marry Me' in big letters underneath them and Mack pulling out a ring in the plane. Well done, Mack. We can't wait for your wedding this summer!

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We love the soon to be Krave's here at Erik Runyan Jewelers. If you want to meet a genuine and fun loving couple, these two are right up your alley. Ross has grown up with one of our daughters throughout school and came in to pick out a ring in 2016. Lauren moved to Vancouver from Kansas but soon fell in love with the Pacific Northwest as well as with Ross. They met at the gym when a mutual friend introduced them to each other. They instantly hit it off and soon started dating after. When the time came for Ross to propose he wanted to make it special and a surprise without Lauren finding out what the plan was. The two ended up going on a run together and Ross decided to hid the ring in his sock of all places so that Lauren would not see a ring box outline in his shorts. The two finished their run at the Camas fishing docks where Ross had a photographer waiting out for the perfect moment. Ross got down on one knee and Lauren said YES!

Lauren and Ross have the date set to get married in July!

For more pictures, check out the adorable couples engagement shoot up in the perfect scenery of the Gorge. We can't get enough of you two!