What is the custom jewelry design process?

For more than a century, five generations of Runyan family members have helped create custom jewelry designs that dazzle the eye, sparkle the intellect, and warm the heart.

In fact, it’s one of our favorite parts of the business!

Few things are as rewarding as watching a customer slip on a custom-made piece of jewelry for the first time. It’s a magical moment: What was once merely a concept, an inspired idea, or even something drawn from a dream, is now reality.

Take one-part memory, two parts thoughts and intentions, add a dash of symbolism, and a heaping helping of imagination and beauty … and let the experts at Erik Runyan Jewelers bring your creation to life.

But what is the custom jewelry design process itself? Let’s take a look.

Custom Jewelry Design Process

Our design specialists are the best in the business. If you can imagine it, they can bring it to life. From wedding and engagement rings to bracelets, necklaces and more, Erik Runyan Jewelers will assist you through every step of the process. We will collaborate with you so that your creativity and imagination become a reality. When the process is complete, you will own something that is truly one-of-a-kind — made to your exacting specifications by our expert designers.

The general process is three-fold:

1. Initial custom design review and consultation

This is where the magic begins. Tell us what type of jewelry you want, and we’ll go step-by-step together. (If you like, you can bring photos of styles that catch your eye. Pinterest is an excellent resource!) Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings. Silver, gold, platinum. Precious or semi-precious stones. The only limit is your imagination! (For inspiration, check out Erik Runyan Jewelers’ previous custom designs.)

2. Computer rendering of your custom design

Known as a computer-aided design (CAD) rendering, this will be your first glimpse of what the finished jewelry will look like. In this part of the process, we’ll deliver to you a precisely rendered, three-dimensional image of your creation, down to the finest detail. If you like what you see, we move on to Step No. 3!

3. Casting of your custom design

Now we bring your creation into the “real world,” using a process known as lost-wax casting — so-called because the wax sculpture of your creation is lost (i.e., melted away) so that your choice of metal can be cast into place.

This three-step process is just an overview of the custom jewelry design process. Make an appointment with Erik Runyan Jewelers today, and we’ll fill in the details.

With the experts at Erik Runyan Jewelers ready to guide you, you’re already one step closer to a custom jewelry design that is truly and perfectly unique.