Buying an engagement ring


You’ve met the girl of your dreams, and you’re sure she’s the one. You’ve even followed tradition and asked her parent’s blessing before proposing. Now comes the overwhelming part, selecting an engagement ring that symbolizes the uniqueness of your love. To help you through this process, please read these tips for buying her an engagement ring she’ll treasure forever.

Establish a budget. Decide what you can realistically afford and don’t worry about the outdated theory that you must spend 2 to 3 months salary on her ring.

Figure out her ring size and style. It’s not as overwhelming as you think. You can look for ideas in her jewelry box at home or while you’re out window shopping. If you need more help, ask her best friend or sister for ideas.

Shape and settings matter. The shape of the diamond refers to the actual geometry of the stone, such as the square princess cut, the round brilliant cut, or a heart-shaped cut. Next, decide on a setting. Solitaires look trendy in bezel settings, while princess cuts also look stylish in a halo setting, which is surrounded with a halo of diamond chips.

Pay attention to the 4 C’s when selecting a diamond. No two diamonds are exactly the same, and these four factors factor into each diamond’s beauty. Consider buying a slightly smaller carat but a higher-quality cut diamond that shines brilliantly. Select a diamond in the VSI range so you can’t see any imperfections by the naked eye, as well as choosing a diamond in the F to the H color range, as both are more affordable.

Select a metal band. Does she favor the look of classic yellow gold or does she prefer the silvery look of white gold and platinum? It’s important to note that platinum is more durable and hypoallergenic so it works better it some cases.

Consider going custom. This option lets you select all of her favorites and create a ring that embodies the specialness of your relationship. You’re not limited to pre-made rings, and you can choose to mix metals like platinum and gold or add her birthstone to the diamond engagement ring. Talk to a talented jewelry designer about your ideas.