Every April, thousands of people make their way over to Indio, CA in search of loud music, the festival atmosphere, and a long weekend of shear fun. Fashion trends have always been a staple to watch out for given the amount of celebrities and socialites who attend Coachella every year.

Famous models such as Kendall Jenner, the Kardashians, and Haley Baldwin (to name a few) have been spotted among the crowds during the sun-filled weekend in the desert; and the jewelry they wear is always on-point.

So – what are some jewelry trends that can help you stand out at Coachella this year while surrounded by all the basic-ness? Browse below for a specially curated list by ERJ:


Big Hoops and Drop Earrings



Chain 2.png
Chain 1.png

Shells and Beads


Signet Rings

Signet 1.png
Signet 2.png