Does Your Next Adventure Begin #UnderTheCanoe?

There’s so much to love about custom design jewelry — both for the craftspeople who make it and the people who wear it. One of the most wonderful things: watching a unique design go from idea to reality. It’s like being able to hold a dream in your hands.

Such was the case with Erik Runyan Jewelers’ canoe pendant and the overall nautical theme of our beautiful showroom.

The canoe pendant represents where we’ve been and where we’re going. What’s more, it represents where our customers are going — all across the VanWa PDX area and the greater — and great! — Pacific Northwest.

The nautical items that define our showroom’s theme include a ship’s wheel, an exotic wood compass inlaid into the floor, plank flooring, and the store’s map coordinates.

Next, a little history.

Origins of the Canoe Pendant

The canoe pendant actually went from reality to dream and back to reality again. That’s because the design is based on an actual canoe — one that you can see each time you visit Erik Runyan Jewelers in downtown Vancouver.

Erik, a licensed ship captain, and his wife, Leslie, bought the canoe from the owner of a houseboat on the Willamette River in Portland. Thus began its journey downriver to Vancouver and ultimately upward — toward the ceiling of ERJ’s showroom. It’s now a lighting fixture as well as an extraordinary centerpiece — the centerpiece of not just the store but of an entire #underthecanoe ethic.

The canoe has now inspired theme parties, an exclusive Under the Canoe brand wine, and, of course, the development of canoe-themed jewelry.

What’s more, it was just one of the things that inspired INSTORE magazine to honor ERJ with a cover story as America’s Coolest Jewelry Store 2019. The judges for INSTORE, which is the industry’s most trusted and respected publication, evaluated jewelry stores based on their backstories, showrooms, and more, including what the magazine called “the most important intangible: individuality.”

“When I saw a photo of an inverted canoe-chandelier hanging from Erik Runyan Jewelers 18-foot ceilings, I wanted to meet the people who put it there,” said Eileen McClelland, INSTORE’S managing editor.

Watch a video about this honor here!

And be sure to read about the overall nautical theme of our amazing downtown store here!

#UnderTheCanoe: What Is Your Next Adventure?

The Runyan family wants to celebrate your stories as well as the spirit of this amazing part of the country. That’s why we’re keen to showcase the adventures of folks who call the PNW home while sporting their own custom canoe pendant. Using the hashtag underthecanoe, ERJ is helping people share their stories across social media. 

There’s a tremendous variety of canoe necklaces and price ranges available at ERJ, including:

  • Silver large

  • Silver small

  • 14k yellow gold

  • 14k white gold

  • 14k rose gold

  • White gold with diamonds

  • Yellow with diamonds

Once you’ve got your canoe pendant and are ready to strike out on an adventure or romance — or adventurous romance! — Erik Runyan Jewelers wants to know about it! Use the hashtag #underthecanoe to document your experiences, and you may be featured on our website, Instagram page or Facebook page.

Here’s an example: Our very own expert jewelry appraiser Janean Reynolds enjoyed her time #underthecanoe in Maupin, Oregon, along the Deschutes River.

Remember to share your adventures. Be sure to tag us and use #underthecanoe.