How to Find the Perfect Vintage & Estate Jewelry in Portland, Oregon

There is something to be said for a timeless classic. A beautiful diamond, a deep green emerald, or the intricate metal work of a locket from the 1920s are all items that hold value and become family heirlooms. If you are looking for a classic high-quality item for yourself or for that special someone, consider buying estate jewelry. The selection around Portland is excellent. When you know what to look for and are shopping from a jeweler you can trust, you will be sure to find something amazing.

A Jewelers Mark

It is custom for high-end jewelers to mark their items. Some artisans would add their initials to a handcrafted piece, others would number jewelry and still others would create jewelry with a special symbol or mark that helped to identify it as part of a special collection. When examining estate and antique jewelry to see if it is the real thing, look for the jewelers mark.

An Aged Patina

Estate jewelry has a certain well-worn quality to it. While the jewels in the settings may sparkle as if they were created yesterday, the metals will have a different luster. Oils from the wearers' hands, creams and lotions from years of wear and simple metal oxidization create a natural color gradient on metals. This aged patina makes your piece special. Even with a restored piece there will still be small marks, dents or discoloration that speak to how much the piece has been loved in the past.

A Unique Vintage Jewelry Piece

The benefit of buying estate and vintage jewelry is that you will not find this item on every shelf from every jewelry store in the country. When looking through a jewelers collection, peruse each piece with care. A sure sign that you are dealing with a jeweler that is up to something would be seeing the same piece over and over again. What is important with estate jewelry is to find something that is uniquely yours.

Finding a Jeweler You Can Trust

With over 100 years of bringing fine jewelry and watch repair to the Vancouver community, Erik Runyan Jewelers is a name you can trust. Our family started out fixing watches in a bus depot and built a brand known for quality, selection and custom design. For beautiful estate and vintage jewelry let our family pick out something perfect for yours.